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Getting Started


This plugin is in the community plugin browser in Obsidian. You can search for it and install it there .

You can also do a manual installation.

First steps

The first thing you'll want to do is add a new choice. A choice can be one of four types.

  • Template Choice - Insert templates into your vault. Works together with Obsidian template syntax and popular Templater plugin, augmenting them and adding more options.
  • Capture Choice - Quick capture your manually written information and save it. Daily notes, work log, to-read-and-watch-later list, etc.
  • Macro Choice - Macros to augment your workflow. Use the full power of Javascript programming language and Obsidian functions to do anything your want. E.g. create a personal movie database by writing a movie name and getting the movie notes fully customized and filled with correct film's up-to-date data.
  • Multi Choice - Folders to better organize the previous 3 choices. Usability feature, not a new functionality.

In your choices, you can use format syntax, which is similar to the Obsidian template syntax.

You could, for example, use {{DATE}} to get the current date.

I want to...

Be inspired

Take a look at some examples...

Create powerful scripts and macros to automate my workflow

Take a look at the QuickAdd API, format syntax, inline scripts, and macros.

Use QuickAdd even when Obsidian is minimized / in the background

You got it. Take a look at this AutoHotKey script.