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Zettelizer Demo

You can get the .js file for this userscript here. To install it, you can follow the same process as in the fetch tasks from Todoist example - with video.


You will need to define the folder you want the script to place the new notes in.

This can be done on line 19, where it says const folder = "...". Change the text inside the "" to match the desired folder path.

Currently, the script only looks for level 3 headers. This means headers with three pound symbols, like so ### header.

You can freely change this. On line 29 it says if (heading.level === 3). You can change this to any other number, denoting the heading level desired. You can also, rather than checking for equality (===), check for other conditions, such as heading.level >= 1, which denotes headers of level 1 or greater.

The script looks for headers in your active file with the desired level. If such a header is found, it will ignore the first 'word' (any sequence of characters - i.e., letters, numbers, symbols, etc - followed by a space). Then, it will create a file with a name containing the remaining text in the heading.

In that file, it will link to the heading it created the file from.